Kei Island Info

Kei Islands Offer Various Amenities and Perks To Its Visitors and Locals

The Kei Islands are regarded as having the best beaches in the Indonesia area. It’s located on Maluku’s eastern side and visited by a minute number of travelers. The infrastructure is still in development among amazing scenery. Kei Islands is comprised of 250 islands – most uninhabited – but there ...
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Ngurbloat Beach, Kei Island

What You Can See and Experience When Visiting Kei Islands

When it comes to the Kei Islands, there is so much you can do and see in the area that will ensure you have so much fun you’ll wonder what stopped you from visiting the islands in the first place. What kinds of things can you partake in while you ...
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Bukit Masbait

Misbait Hill

Masbait Hill is the highest hill on the island of Kei Kecil with a beautiful view from the heights of this place. This place can be reached from Langgur just a 10-minute journey by car General. Here also a place of pilgrimage for Catholics. Here there is also a statue ...
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Gua Hawang

Gua Hawang (Hawang Cave)

Hawang cave is a tourist location which is located in the village Letvuan, 15 km from Langgur or Tual, Kei Islands. Goa is known as a tourist destination which is quite hidden but has interesting myths behind that will make your trip more interesting. The myth of the most famous ...
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ngur sarnadan 2

Ngur Sarnadan

Kei Kecil island, Maluku Tenggara has an abundance of charm beach that unfortunately if you miss. If you visit to this town do not forget a visit to the beach Ngurbloat the finest sand mepunyai Asia, Turkish Ngustafur or tabob habitat for leatherback turtles in the local language. Besides the ...
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