Bair Island

Bair is a cluster of reef islands ib Tual. Kei people whom we met along our journey had agreed to dub this Bair cluster on the north of Lesser Kai Island as the Raja Ampat van Kei (Raja Ampat of Kei).  It’s stretch may be less than Raja Ampat in Papua or Phi Phi Islands in Thailand, but its panoramic view is comparable.

Boats can float up to the middle of the island. A 20-meter sand dune lies between shallow waters. If you arrive on regular days, you would probably be the only guest at the island.

Adrenaline addicts may try out climbing a 7-meter cliff in the south part of the beach. There is no ladder, steps of rail to hold but sharp rocks and dangling roots. From up here, you can overlook the whole landscape of the beach.

The cliff confines a lagoon behind it where snorkelers can swim alongside colorful fish, octopus, and crabs. One may even not needing snorkel or google as the water is clear as glass.

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