What You Can See and Experience When Visiting Kei Islands

When it comes to the Kei Islands, there is so much you can do and see in the area that will ensure you have so much fun you’ll wonder what stopped you from visiting the islands in the first place. What kinds of things can you partake in while you visit?

Kite Surfing

Kei Islands are great for kite surfing, which is often an overlooked event.  The islands’ offshore winds blow on a nearly daily basis, and offers shallow bays with sand banks and crystal blue water. If you bring a kite, this is something for you to try.

Kite Surfing at Kei Island


Do you love to drive or go snorkel? If so, then be aware that you need to bring your own gear because most locations don’t offer them.  When you go diving/snorkeling, you can take in the life of sea – fish, reefs and corals.

While the island does have one dive center, it’s still closed for the moment, with unsuitable equipment to boot. This should be changing relatively soon.


While there’s no actual kayaks on the island, there are an abundant of canoes to choose from. Use one to view the island’s protected bays that are home to amazing scenery. Be sure to rent locally to help the economy out.


You don’t even have to do much other than walking to enjoy your time on Kei Islands. You can partake time in the jungle, just walking or walk the country roads and say hi to villagers and watch life go by. You can check out the hidden lakes or temples or view the amazing wildlife on the island – lizards, birds, etc.

Kei Island Activity Walking


4 Popular Beaches To Enjoy For Any Of The Great Activities

Now, all these activities and many more can be enjoyed on any of the Kei Islands locations – Bair, Goa Hawang, Ohoidertawun Beach and Ohoidertutu Beach. Here’s a look at each one.


Bair Island, also called Mini Raja Ampat, is located in the northern area of Kei Islands. It’s an area that many locals don’t know exists as well. In order to get here though, you’ll need to take a boat from Pulau Dullah. The stop is located between an exquisite line of stunning little islands.

Goa Hawang

Goa Hawang is regarded as one of the most famous areas to check out in Kei Islands, and offers a freshwater swimming experience in its underground pool. When checking out the cave, you’ll be amazed by the beautiful stalactites and stalagmites along with the crystal clear water with a touch of blue.

Goa Hawang (when translated Hawang means evil) is more relaxing than evil. Perhaps the name is the result of somebody attempting to keep the location for themselves. After all, no one can explain where the freshwater has come from or even knows the depth of the cave.

Ohoidertawun Beach

When you visit this beach, you’ll need to have some adventurous spirit. Check out the caves, and in the first one, you’ll find human body. According to the story, the bones are from people who visited Kei Islands, which the island didn’t like and killed them when they entered. Their remains were thrown into the cave.

However, the most amazing part of the cave on the Ohoidertawun Beach is the ancient petroglyphs. Nobody can say for sure how old these area, what the purpose is behind them and who created them. In fact, archeologists are just now studying them. They’ve been amazingly preserved, and they can be seen using your eyes along the beach.

Ohoidertutu Beach

If your goal is to find remote areas of Kei Islands, you can’t go wrong with visiting the remote villages in the Ohoidertutu Beach area – in the southern part of the Kei Islands. If traveling by car, it will take you two hours. However, if you desire to really partake in the experience, use a scooter to get there.

On the western coast is a rather terrifying scooter bridge that take you to a dirt road and along the beaches, rainforest and fishing villages. When you arrive to the beach, you’ll find miles and miles of white sand beach, coconut trees and turquoise water – a real paradise to all who visit.

So, What are you waiting for?? Let visit Kei Islands.

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