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Ambon is Indonesia’s key transport hub, and it takes just one flight to arrive at the Kei Islands.  There are an array of hotels – should your flight be delayed – to stay in and an array of attractions to view – think Spice Islands. If you need to stay here, there are things you can within the region.

There are numerous flights going in and out of Ambon to Jakarta, Bali, Surabaya and Makassar. While it’s best to use Garuda for your airline needs, Lion/Wings Air, Sriwijaya and many others will fly to the Ambon airport.  In order to reach the Kei Islands, you have your choice of Lion/Wings or Garuda.

In 2014, Kei opened its new airport – Langgur. You can take a jet but isn’t located close to anything to visit. In the Arrivals section of the airport is a line of taxi drivers, readying to transport you to where you need to go. Be mindful of shady touts, which work from the airside. An alternative is to pick an ojek (which is often cheaper) or you can take a public bemo, which you can catch by walking down the east coast’s main road.

Taking A Boat

Pelni appears to have reduced the number of boats it offer – one boat every 10 to two weeks, which will travel to Tual to Banda to Ambon or Tual to Ambon. The cost for the Tual to Banda to Ambon boat ride include:

  • Rp 125,0000 economy,
  • Rp 381,500 second class

The cost for the Tual – Ambon ride is:

  • Rp 272.000 economy
  • Rp 681.500 second class
  • Rp 477,500 third class

There are a number of alternatives so be sure to talk to the harbor master’s office. You can find out if there are any boats for Tanimbar or Dobo or Fak-Fak. The Pelni head office is located in Tual, with bookings being made at any of the travel agencies.

The primary ferry to Kei Besar will leave from Watdek-Ohoijang early in the morning and midafternoon from time to time.

How You Can Get Around The Kei Islands


These are useful when you’re by yourself. While you can negotiate the price, don’t haggle excessively. Ojeks are the best way to see many off-beaten locations of the island such as the Wap/Wab peninsula. This is the long finger of the land, which joins the western coast of Kei Kecil and in amazing condition.

If you’ve never ridden an ojek, it can be a little scary. Don’t forget though. You’re not alone! If you’re in an accident, your driver is hurt as well. And, you know they want to avoid that!

Motorbike Hike

The Kei Islands roads can be a challenge even for folks who are used to riding on them. Therefore, if you decide to use a motorbike for your trip, you need to understand that many agencies work on the premise of “you bend it, you mend it”. If the bike suffers any damage, you’re on the hook for it… even if it’s a minor thing.

Bemo Charter

The ideal way to get around the island is the Bemo Charter – especially if you have a large group of folks and a plethora of luggage. You just need to negotiate and agree upon the route, the duration of the trip and its price.

Public Bemo

Kei Island Public Bemo

With the public bemo, you can reach any location you want for cheap, but you’ll visit the Langgur/Tual areas along the journey. The key bemo terminal is at the Tual market adjacent to the harbor. The key terminal for Kei Kecil is located near Velia hotel, which is on the border of Langgur.

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