Gua Hawang (Hawang Cave)

Hawang cave is a tourist location which is located in the village Letvuan, 15 km from Langgur or Tual, Kei Islands. Goa is known as a tourist destination which is quite hidden but has interesting myths behind that will make your trip more interesting.

The myth of the most famous in Goa Hawang themselves a condemnation of stone that make a man and his dog turned into rocks after they drank water in the cave but was instead issued a profanity. Hawang name itself also if interpreted in Indonesian means ghost, because most people there still believe that if in a cave that has a beautiful form of very clear water pool along the beautiful stalactite still inhabited by ghosts.

At tourist sites located in the village 15 km from Langgur Letvuan, the main attraction is owned rocks stalactite very interesting. There you can also see how the embodiment of rock curse dimitoskan by the surrounding community. In addition most certainly the main attraction of this place is the water in natural pools in the cave which is very very beautiful and very clear blue. The water was coming from groundwater sources.

Gua Hawang (Hawang Cave), Kei Island

Very charming location makes a lot of people who want dtang and even hinga try diving in this idyllic location. There are two holes in this Hawang cave, and unique holes are connected by underground water sources, so when you try diving out of the hole you will reappear and translucent get to the next hole. This location is a package holiday when you visit the beach Ngur Bloat is known to have a white sand beach very fine and even fine flour and super beautiful scenery.

Get To Hawang Cave

For all of you who are interested in visiting Goa very beautifully mysterious can use previous air from Pattimura Airport, Ambon, to the Southeast Maluku, precisely Dumatubun Airports in Langgur. After landing your journey continues to travel as far as 15 kilometers to cave hawang. You can use public transportation or a rental vehicle to reach Goa Hawang.

During traveled to get to Hawang Cave, you should bring supplies to taste, because there are no kiosks or stalls selling food and drinks near Goa Hawang. To stay, maybe you can try to find an inn or guest house near the beach Ngur Bloat just 20 heading to Hawang Cave.

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