Misbait Hill

Bukit Masbait, Kei Island

Masbait Hill is the highest hill on the island of Kei Kecil with a beautiful view from the heights of this place. This place can be reached from Langgur just a 10-minute journey by car General. Here also a place of pilgrimage for Catholics. Here there is also a statue of Christ the King standing on a globe signifying that Jesus Christ will protect and bless the entire People residing in these islands.

In the village we can reach Kelanit Masbait Hill, the highest peak on the island of Kei Kecil. Not too high indeed, but there are unique in this place that is the way of the cross and a statue of Jesus standing upright in a tower in the position of being blessed.

Besides being a place of pilgrimage for Catholics, Bukit masbait also frequented to see a view of small islands stretching as part of the Southeast Maluku arising from akuamarine colored sea. This is also a good spot to watch the sunrise and sunset. Enough to walk about half an hour, then pass through a cross road with stop-stops to reach the top of the tower there is a statue of Christ the King is standing on a globe in a blessed position.

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