Ngur Sarnadan

Kei Kecil island, Maluku Tenggara has an abundance of charm beach that unfortunately if you miss. If you visit to this town do not forget a visit to the beach Ngurbloat the finest sand mepunyai Asia, Turkish Ngustafur or tabob habitat for leatherback turtles in the local language. Besides the two beaches that beach Ngur Sarnadan also offers a million eksotic beauty of the beach.

ngur sarnadan

Sarnadan Ngur beach located in the village Ohililir, District Small Kei, the beach is within walking distance of the beach Ngurbloat. The distance adjacent to make both the beach is always crowded by visitors. You can even visit the beaches along this coast.

On this beach you can fish, swim or snorkel. Sea water is very clear, so you can see corals and various types of fish very clearly. If you are tired of walking around, playing beach ball, then rest. On this beach there are hut hut used residents to sell such a unique culinary Maluku; grilled fish, enbal (typical food kei), young coconut, yams, fried plantains that if it can take off your hunger. If you want to visit this beach should be in the afternoon, because in the morning and afternoon sun here is very hot.

At the beach is also already there are several homestay built by the local government to serve your holiday time. So you do not have to worry about a place to stay.

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